About Us



Eviction Defense Advisors is a nationwide group of independent eviction defense specialists who work solely to help tenants stop or delay their evictions. All of our eviction defense specialists complete thorough and detailed training on eviction defense procedures. Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we treat every eviction case with the upmost attention.

No Office Visit Required and Guaranteed Qualification Stop Eviction with one Phone Call to 1 (855) STOPPED to us will get you the help you need within 24 to 48 hours and give you total peace of mind that you won’t be kicked out of your home.

Our team has been helping people who have been evicted for the last 3 years. We know the rules. We understand the law. We used to be Landlords! Nobody deserves to be thrown out of their home!

We can delay your eviction for an average of 3-5 months. In some cases we can even have it dismissed. Our service will keep you in your current home until you can make arrangements to work it out with the landlord or relocate. We have additional options available as well that can help you get even more time before having to move. At Eviction Defense Advisors we understand that eviction is a personal and emotional nightmare; It’s hard on your family and very stressful. We handle every case privately and professionally.



EvictionDefenseAdvisors.com is not an attorney nor do we represent an attorney or law firm. We do not provide legal advice. We do not represent you in court or appear, speak, or act on your behalf. EvictionDefenseAdvisors.com provides ONLY document preparation services and assistance. You are encouraged to seek the advice of an Attorney when dealing with any legal matter. EvictionDefenseAdvisors.com does not make any guarantees or claims as to the result or timeframe your document(s) may have on your case.